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A Tiny Spark Can Set the World Ablaze

Tonight, December 15, 2019, was either the first night of the rest of my life - a monumental night that will be remembered and celebrated, or, it will just be a day on the calendar, a day long forgotten, of no more significance than any other.

What happened today that could possibly carry such dare I say eternal consequence?

We gathered for prayer.

Five of us.

In our living room.

And two on the phone.

Seven people praying.

And yet, a tiny spark can set the world ablaze - if the Spirit blows upon it.

For what did we pray? For wisdom. For boldness. For unity. For generosity. For love. For God's kingdom to come and God's will to be done. For awe to fill our hearts. For God to bring people to himself. For God to build his church.

Like I said - if He answers these prayers, this will indeed be a night to remember.

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