Kanye and Jesus

Been thinking a lot about Kanye over the weekend, ever since I downloaded "Jesus is King". I'm amazed not only at the media he has produced and the interviews he's given - they are amazing in themselves, but the interview that his pastor has done with Apologia radios is what really brought me to tears about the simple acts of ministry that may be unleashing this tsunami. A small group praying for a colleague. Conversations about the Bible during downtime at work. An invitation to church. A pastoral conversation at the back door. Follow-up conversations, Discipleship. Radical change. Opportunity. Platform. Sanctification. If you have time, check out this interview with Kanye's pastor. This is pastoral ministry. This is a faithful shepherd. This is rolling with the Spirit while anchored to the Word.

Amazing interview with Adam Tyson. Who? A Master Seminary grad who, while preaching the Word one Sunday had a visitor walk into his church.

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