Psalm 112: Lies That Exploit the Poor

There's no one left who speaks the truth

Everyone lies these days

Calling vileness virtue

Purity profane

And who is it that suffers most from these lies?

the poor

the vulnerable

the children

the ignorant

the confused

the impressionable

the naive

the lost

the lonely

the unborn

"we will help you if you give us your vote"

"you are entitled to this"

"the poor are lazy"

"you're a victim of an oppressive system that holds you down"

"this is your lot in life and you cannot rise above it"

"you create your own reality"

"your greatest you is within you"

"sexual exploration is freedom"

"my body my choice"

"women are property, powerless"

"children have no value, a burden"

"men are all violent, fathers unnecesary"

"you're worthless"

"there is no hope for you"

Stop these lies!

Silence these liars!

Your words are pure

silver refined





Arise God! Speak!

For there sake send out your word!

The answer to their exploitation

Lies within your revelation

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