Psalm 30: A Song of Ascents

Lord, I'm here again

I've fallen into this dark place

Into a pit my own hands have dug

I've hit rock bottom

With a rock I carve another mark on the wall

To join the countless others

This isn't my first time here

Are you keeping count?

Are you still listening?

Have you turned away from me

as I have countless times from you?

If I call out will you ignore my pleas?

How can I get out?

And so I wait for you in this hard place

My soul, now soft, awaits

Will light break in from above

Will I ever see the sun again?

I'd be lost in utter darkness

Yet I've kept one candle lit

The word you spoke,

The word you promised

I have held on to it

"Hope in the Lord, all you who struggle

You who contend with Him

With the LORD there is steadfast love,

and plentiful redemption."

Indeed he will redeem the one

who dug the pit and fell

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