Psalm 57: Song from the Cave

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

Cowering, cornered in this cave

Pushed into this open grave

Fiery beasts encircle round

I do not dare to make a sound

Silently pressed upon the ground

Yet in my hiding place a thought

"You are God and they are not"

And as this thought invades my heart

I speak within "How great Thou art"

My voice within begins to well

up into a rushing swell

your steadfast love to me will send

My enemies brought to an end

My heart now full I can't contain

I can't curtail my hearts refrain

And bursting forth my voice calls out

out of this cave into a shout

The nations shall not silence me

I sing over my enemy:

"The Lord is Lord over the skies!

His glory triumphs over lies!

Over the earth his praise shall rise!"

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