Scattered Thoughts from Power to Change New Staff Training

  1. I appreciated the heart of the people here. They love Jesus.

  2. They care about us and our relationship with God. The first two days of training were only concerned with one thing: that we fall more in love with Jesus and stay close to him. Nothing else we do will matter if we burn out or stray from his love. They gave us practical guidance for how to grow closer and stay close to Jesus. I've appreciated the 10/10/10 devotional method and understanding spiritual pathways.

  3. There is a diversity of new missionaries of many skilled and impressive expertise and experiences, called to unique and excitingly different works. That was pretty cool.

  4. I met the other Connecting Streams City Lead-in-training. We laughed at how similar we were in heart and ministry approach. I guess we're a type.

  5. Defining and refining my "Why" that I will share was very enlightening and helpful. I am passionate about what God has called me to. I'm more excited to share it with others who I pray will be called to come alongside this work.

  6. Coming in to training, I really was hoping that I could do most of my support raising through churches. I still intend to focus on churches, but I now see the value in sharing with individuals - because I truly do have a vision I want to share and invite people into.

  7. That said, I do wish that they would have spent at least a little time discussion how to partner with churches.

  8. In all, a great and helpful week. Excited to get back home and start sharing this vision with others.

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