Week 3 Updates!

  • Shared at Calvary Baptist Church what a great church! Thanks Kenny Wallace and Matt Rudd for the invite. Excited to see what partnership opportunities lay ahead for us.

  • Continued to get familiar with Connecting Streams. We are working on a huge project to connect two very different churches in our city together to feed the poor and to share the hope of Christ. Our staff is very excited to work on this project, and there will be a lot of work ahead in January.

  • We held a prayer meeting at our house Sunday night for our discipleship/church network. We are encouraged because we know that the largest fires get set off with the tiniest spark.

  • Support raising is still coming along slowly. Thankfully, we passed 10%! If you have been considering supporting our ministry, please consider making a donation before the end of the year - not only will you receive a tax benefit for 2019, but it will also help us to discern how we are doing going in to the start of next year. Donations in the US or Canada can be made at https://www.ottawamissionary.com/make-a-donation

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